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Todays Life with Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone User“In small proportions we just beauty see

And in short measure life may perfect be”.


These beautiful lines by Ben Johnson apply so aptly to this 2.5 inch gadget we call “Mobile”. While this gadget may not have made our lives perfect but it has most certainly made it much more than convenient.


Travel on earth and beyond

Space Travel“Travel” is this word just a noun or verb that describes the movement of body from one place to another or is there more to it? Has it not lead to expanding of our mental horizon and at times even spiritual enlightenment? So to speak traveling is the most practical form of education. What we see has a higher retention capacity than what we read or hear.


Society - the greatest invention of Era

The society is not a one day development it takes million of years to make it like this as it is now. There is no limit to what we as a person or as a society can achieve. We are only limited by our own belief systems. "We become what we believe we can become." As it also said in Bhagavad-Gita too that human nature always tries to learn things that seem unknown.


Bush Apprehends Terrorist Attacks in India

West Must Review Strategy Vis-à-vis Islamic World For Sustainable Peace

Picking a clue from Bush Administration’s e-mail to Us citizens that there is an apprehension of terrorists’ attack on strategic interests in India on 15th of August, one can see PCR vans in the capital city of Delhi moving in the streets flashing blue and red lights and hear their sirens aloud.


The Cinema and Society

Film ShootingFrom the first talkie Indian film, Alam Ara, in 1931 to 'Black' in 2005, the Indian film industry Bolly-wood has scaled new heights and witnessed drastic transformation. Bolly-wood as it is popularly known - holds the distinction of being the largest producer of films in the world. And this by no means a petty feat. Bolly-wood produces more number of films than Hollywood today .

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