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Ageless entrepreneurs: Timeless Principles

Ageless Business ManWho is an entrepreneur?
The word entrepreneur derives from the French word "entre" (to enter) and "prendre" (to take), and literally it means the one who knows to synchronize... between his intellect and assets to accumulate gains (material as well as spiritual).


Dreams listen to the voice of your soul

Listen to the voice of your soulWhen love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece” said, John Young.


Entrepreneur Of The Year - Trophy Awaits You

Business WomenThose who condemn wealth are those who have none and see no chance of getting it”, is a very witty remark by William Pen Patrick. Candidly speaking there is certainly no reason to condemn wealth. Wealth creation is an inevitable necessity and quite worthy at that. Or else how do we propose to mitigate poverty, build infrastructure or develop technology?


You can create anything out of nothingness, because God

The world we inhabit in came into existence 4600 million years ago. But the world of bygone eras underwent a sea of change, and the result is today’s evolved and reformed world. The entire flora and fauna surrounding us was created out of nothingness.


Self Recovery Laws

Since time immemorial man has strived for peace and happiness, which is unable to retrieve by doing anything in this world. If tortured by ailments, he prefers to visit doctors and give huge amounts of fees.

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